Why Buy A Yoga Mat

Why Buy A Yoga Mat | WIWORLDANDI


Yoga has grown strongly in recent years. More and more people are discovering that it is a great way to keep your body healthy, release stress, and live a clearer and more conscious life. So we do Yoga. And we need a Yoga mat.

There are some yoga studios provide mats….

Let’s be honest:

  1. You don’t want other people’s “sweat” on you.
  2. Yoga mats can get pretty “Wear Out”/ “Smelly” / “Moldy”…. the hygiene also plays a part.
  3. As yoga practitioners, you may buy by different type of yoga mat but the most important is that you can practice with your own mat at home or anywhere you want.
  4. A good yoga mat makes all the difference for your yoga practice. 
  5. A mat that for example is not grip enough, or does not provide enough support will certainly distract during your yoga practice.
  6. Traditionally, yoga is practiced on cotton woven mats, grass mats….. With the rise of the use of plastics and rubber and with the spread of yoga in the west, yoga mat was born and has been constantly developed so that there is now a huge variety of yoga mats in all kinds of different materials, thicknesses, shapes and wear-resistance. The main goal is still the same: provide a comfortable / clean surface with enough grip to support your practice.
  7. So, having your own mat is essential.