Jivamukti Yoga Center---Barcelona, Spain

Jivamukti Yoga Center---Barcelona, Spain | WIWORLDANDI


        (Here are many classes led by English and Spanish)

Yoga Teachers are from different countries, Practitioners speak all languages.

Ronda Sant Pere 19 –  3rd Floor, Door 5, 08010 Barcelona – España

Our rigorous hatha-vinyasa yoga classes with study of yoga philosophy, chanting mantras, and meditation provide an integral experience of a yoga class, which leads not only to increased strength and flexibility, but also to personal transformation based on mutualy beneficial relationships with all other beings.

The core philosophy of Jivamukti Yoga is expressed through five principles: Ahimsa – non-violent, compassionate lifestyle; Bhakti – acknowledgment that God/Self-realization is the goal of all yoga practices; Dhyana – meditation or connecting to that eternal unchanging reality within; Nada – development of sound body and mind through deep listening; Shastra – study of the ancient yogic texts.

Jivamukti Yoga Barcelona is the only official Jivamukti yoga center in Spain. “Jivan” means “individual soul”, “mukti” is derived from “liberation”. Jivamukti Yoga is a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings; enlightenment being dissolution of the sense of separateness, the realisation of oneness of life, discovery of lasting happiness.