The benefits of customizing your yoga mat

The benefits of customizing your yoga mat

In the US, there are approximately 36 million yoga practitioners. This is mostly due to the fact that there is a growing body of research on yoga that details its advantages for those who include it in their daily lives. Additionally, this ritual has found its way into a variety of healthcare-related settings, including hospital classes and the treatment sessions of occupational, physical, and speech therapists. These are incredible developments, and the yoga community, should be recognized for playing a significant role in the healthcare system.

Each year, more than 10 million yoga mats are sold. If you've never purchased one, you might be in for a surprising shock when trying to choose amongst the numerous types. The conventional dimensions for these mats are 24 inches broad by 68 or 72 inches long, though they come in many various sizes. For athletes and people with different body types, custom sizes, like a wider or longer mat; are excellent. The mats are available in a variety of thicknesses, the most popular being 1/8 or 1/4 inches. Purple is the most sought-after color among the wide range of shades and designs available. Finally, plastic (PVC), rubber, and cork are among the materials utilized to construct this popular product.

To perform asanas, a yoga mat is required. And anyone who likes to exercise in other ways in addition to yoga should invest in one. There are many different kinds of mats, including interlocking, outdoor, travel, and mats that can support heavy machinery.

No matter what kind of mat you have, there are many ways to customize it. So, why not personalize your yoga mat and let your interests shine through?

Get inspired

By getting a personalized yoga mat, you may have any design printed on it. Now, it’s simpler because you can pick the design you like, place your order, and then wait for it to be delivered to your door. Before you get it printed, consider the design concepts you want to develop, and take into account the colors you'll pick to complement your mat. You can use your own designs or acquire original concepts and, of course, learn more about the printing business.


Text can be incorporated into designs in addition to images. Even your name could appear in the pattern. You may include a motivational saying to keep yourself inspired while exercising. You may also come up with a phrase or reminder to pay attention to your posture. Your mat can have any of these sayings printed on it. After all, it is your customized yoga mat!

Freedom to choose your type

Some of the benefits of having a personalized yoga mat is getting to pick your preferred material. Whether you like natural, PU, or PVC, it is totally up to you. Let’s make your choice easier by listing some of them here for you.

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Whether you do hot or restorative yoga, or simply perspire a lot, a natural rubber yoga mat lets you adjust how much traction you need. Because of its supportive thickness, delicate elbows and knees won't sink through to the floor. Unlike other mats, which use EVA, PVC, or other synthetic rubber; natural rubber mats are created sustainably with natural rubber harvested from rubber trees – a renewable resource.

PU Yoga Mat

A type of polymer known as polyurethane is made up of organic units connected by carbamate linkages. This substance is a superior mat-making material. It is made of an eco-friendly substance that is non-toxic, flavorless, and non-slippery. As they degrade, polyurethanes are not hazardous to the environment and don't contain BPAs or other substances that can disrupt endocrine systems. As we become more ecologically concerned, the low consequences on the environment will make this polymer even more appealing. So polyurethane is, by nature, more environmentally friendly.

NBR Yoga Mat

NBR, a kind of synthetic rubber that resists water and has a tendency to be thicker, is less stable in standing positions since it is heavier. It is the most comfortable in terms of padding and providing a cushion between you and the floor due to its high density. For poses that strain your knees, NBR mats are better than PVC mats since they are more padded.

PVC Yoga Mat

This kind of yoga mat is made from anti-tear fabric and powdered Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) resin. These two use open-cell technology to foam at high temperatures. To cut a long story short, it aids in the mat's ability to absorb sweat and oil. Also, it is better for gripping because of this, but it might also draw more microorganisms.

Due to the PVC substance and the great density of the mat itself, this option is considered the best all-purpose mat. Therefore, since this material is quite robust, you may easily move your yoga sessions outside, in both hot and non-heated environments.

TPE Yoga Mat

Thermoplastic rubber, sometimes referred to as Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE), is a type of copolymer, or mixture, of polymers. Typically, plastic and rubber are the polymers combined to make the TPE. The problem with this, however, is that it is made up of substances that have both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. Thermal plastic elastomers and other materials are used to make TPE yoga mats. Closed-cell foaming carried out in high temperatures allows for fusion with other substances.

The TPE is also less prone to bacterial growth and is easier to clean. Additionally, this material has some benefits, like improved flexibility and recyclability, which makes these versions environmentally sustainable.

Microfiber Yoga Mat

In recent years, the use of this material for personalized yoga mats has become increasingly popular. During practice, microfiber mats with natural rubber on the underside do not slide around. Sweat is absorbed by microfiber, and the more slippery the surface is, the more anti-slip capabilities it has and the more grip it provides. It is frequently advised to sprinkle water on the mat where the hands and feet are positioned at the beginning of the practice to activate the mat's non-slip qualities if you have not warmed up sufficiently.

Amazing visual effects

Future printing trends will undoubtedly favor UV printing, an eco-friendly method. Without the need for powder spraying or solvent evaporation, this cutting-edge method can harden materials completely. The ink can dry rapidly and won't deteriorate. The printing's accuracy enables quick processing following printing. In fact, UV printing gives a stronger visual effect of color than conventional flatbed printing. Also, it can therefore produce far more pleasing results for products with precise color requirements. Ask the individuals who matter most to you to put their names, signatures, little drawings, encouraging messages, and well wishes on your customized yoga mat. Imagine having a constant reminder of their support and affection in front of you as you train!

Boost your brain

Whether you want to practice asanas inside or outside in the open air, a quality, durable mat can help. Currently, reversible mats are preferred by many yoga enthusiasts. You receive the greatest gift of ease, support, balance, and comfort from it.

Some benefits include:

They aid in the self-correction of positions, help you reduce and avoid damage, and enhance all other aspects of your health, including your emotional well-being.

They support the separation of the human body from the ground, which supports the production of heat and energy within the human body, and they assist yoga instructors in helping students to improve their practice.

Because they absorb sweat and maintain a continuous, top-to-toe body balance while also providing comfort and complete body relaxation; mats are hygienic.

Design, design, design

The top side of personalized yoga mats can be printed all over, maximizing the amount of available creative space. With your design, artwork, or message, flex your creative or connotative muscles without restriction.

Here are some inspiring ideas for your design:


The readability of good font need not suffer for the design, and the reverse is also true. So try embracing boldness and minimalism with large fonts and concise sentences. In this case, it probably wouldn't harm if the phrase sounds motivational – after all, yoga practitioners bend and develop their muscles. Give them some inspiration! Even if the terms are closely related to the practice, they won't go undetected. No matter the alignment, legibility is essential, so make sure your kerning is neat and your point is compelling.


Although natural vistas, such as those of sunrises, placid lakes, or desert sands, undoubtedly attest to yoga's tranquility, broad landscapes don't always work well in these constrained frames. However, layered depth can still be achieved through the use of overlapping illustrations, and photography can still stay true to reality by getting up close and personal with all the attractive textures present in outdoor areas.


Think less literally and offer color pieces in striped, geometric, or ultra-simplistic settings to engage the more abstractly-minded. That entails adopting symmetry, straightforward forms, and organized lines, as well as paring down your aesthetic aspects to their bare minimum. Consider using a complementary color scheme as well, rather than one that is chaotic, whether it be subdued or bright.

Repeating patterns

We are aware that repetition in design can lead to routine and motion and that yoga demands repetition as well. There are several methods you can essentially "echo" your artwork, including a single column, a pseudo-wrap-around, and a border-buckling complete bleed. Its accuracy is what matters most in the end. The repeat would simply cease to exist if it were inaccurate.

Designs that play with the perimeter

Why not make the moment worthwhile since customized yoga mats must be rolled out to be used in the first place? Don't decorate both ends – just the one. Allow things to appear out of all the edges that are available. Cut artwork in half, then line the centers along the edges of the mat. To put it another way, try approaching the surface as a real frame with your subjects peeking out or sticking out.

Centered and floating designs

The Rule of Thirds is obviously rejected when a topic is centered. To be fair, though, it also enables you to focus solely on your art, and isn't that the point? Additionally, to investigate and appreciate negative space (if you've not already, why not try it now?). Set your design squarely in the middle and extend its backdrop all the way to the edge – if it can effectively "float" without being constrained by rigid borders.

Designs that maximize surface space

Contrary to what was stated above, you can (also) make use of the yoga mat's compact dimensions by using a visual narrative that is most effective when told vertically. Try creating something that unfolds from end to end with equal weight on both sides without repeating any pieces.

Perfect gift

Is your significant other a yoga fanatic? Then, why not, surprise them with a customized yoga mat? If you are unsure what to include, try asking them some questions and be subtle! What makes them feel at peace, what is their favorite photo, or maybe question them about their perfect weekend? If they have a pet, try taking a “together with a pet” photo that will just melt their heart. Imagine their reaction when they see that photo imprinted on their gift! So adorable!

To sum up

Yoga might be difficult to do, especially when you're just starting out. If you want to benefit from this exercise, you must be committed and concentrated. There is always a danger of slipping when you stretch your body at various angles, which could result in really bad injuries. However, you can avoid this by using yoga mats of high quality. 

Since practicing the sport has such great physical and mental advantages, it has become a global phenomenon. With people completing their practice at home, outside in scenic surroundings, or in formal sessions, a yoga mat is the most significant and necessary piece of gear for practicing the sport. Everyone who practices this exercise will tell you how crucial a mat is to the caliber of sessions and levels of motivation. And what could be a better way to stay motivated than designing your own personalized yoga mats? We all know that pictures can boost our motivation. Not everyone has a natural talent for design, but fortunately, there are numerous design examples available that can serve as inspiration for your own mat.

Today we urge you to visit our website and treat yourself to a quality product. Place an order with us and be surprised by the wonderful item that will be delivered to you!