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Love Is Everything | One World United

Grounding movement through the power of wiworldandi (Wi).

Wi is an ethical and eco-conscious Yogis' Team that crafts innovated yoga mats, props, and clothing of the highest quality to create the utmost healing experience of your everyday practice.

Wi has a passion for yoga, movement, and self-improvement. 

Wi firmly believes in the life-changing magic of practicing yoga and that is why Wi strives to help practitioners achieve their goals through their own yoga journey, and by doing so, you and Wi together can contribute in making the world a better place.

MISSION: Our mission is to enhance people’s lives assisting in shaping your perfect yoga practice. 

VISION: It is our vision to inspire you with a unique connection and an unforgettable experience every time you show up on your mat, by crafting the best eco-friendly and sustainable products, consciously designed by yogis for yogis.

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