Practice Yoga | Connect Your Inner & Outer Worlds

Practice Yoga | Connect Your Inner & Outer Worlds

Connection is as essential to our well-being and survival like air and water. Humans are social beings; we are literally wired to connect. When we feel a part of family and community we thrive.

Nowadays, everybody, everywhere seems to be busy. when we slow down and go inward, we realize that we are always connected to everyone and everything. Quieter practices such meditation. mantra, and asana can help us access this truth. They do so by focusing our attention away from the distractions of the outer world and toward the heart.

There is so much to Yoga than just acrobatic skill or flexibility. Yoga is an ancient practice originating from the Sanskrit language.

Yoga practice aims to viscerally remind us that we are always, truly connected.

Moreover, the word Yoga has three interpretations which depicts what this exercise is really about;

  • union,
  • concentration
  • and control.

These three go harmoniously to ensure that you get the best results in Yoga. More importantly, if one of these are not done well, the individual cannot fully do Yoga effectively.


The ordinary separate self is united with the true nature of every person at the deepest level of their consciousness. People tend to desire to have a deeper union with either other people, their pets, or even nature. Most people have used these unions because they get the higher state of union with the divine cultivation.

Moreover, Yoga can actually unionize an individual to ensure they are whole with themselves, their body, mind, and spirit respectively. Hence the Yoga postures and breathing practices that encourage wholeness and oneness with yourself.


Concentration is referred to as Samadhi and this is connected to Yoga intrinsically where you as an individual allow yourself to be totally absorbed in the present moment. This can be cultivated by ensuring that you practice it more and it can be translated into your various daily activities;

  • sitting in traffic
  • cooking dinner
  • queueing for any service
  • engaging with people


There must be a control over your mind and body to ensure the union that is much needed in Yoga exercise.