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    At Wi World, we know that finding the confidence to show up for your yoga practice can be easier said than done. That’s why our exclusive collection of high-quality yoga outfit sets have been carefully crafted to enhance your practice and keep you feeling calm, collected and (dare we say) oh-so cute from one vinyasa to the next.  Made with premium eco-friendly materials, each and every piece of yoga attire provides maximum softness and an impeccable fit that helps our community look good and do good. 


    • Sustainable Sourced : Creating great yoga mat-ready fashion shouldn’t mean driving up your carbon footprint. Our cute yoga outfits are also sustainable, sourced from eco-friendly materials like Nylon and Spandex, giving you luxurious comfort approved by Mother Earth.
    • Flow Inspired : Moving through your favorite sequence should feel as easy as taking a deep breath. Now, you can enhance your every movement with lightweight, buttery-soft fabrics designed to seamlessly mold alongside your body, giving you the freedom to fully express yourself, one flow at a time – even in extra tight yoga pants outfits!
    • Crafted with Care: Building stronger communities is an inside job. Ar WIWORLDANDI, our divinely inspired yoga attire is made in our own in-house facilities, allowing us to uphold industry leading and ethical manufacturing standards and put more passionate individuals back to work.